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2014 Canadian Portrait Competition
“The Miracle of the Portrait”
December 1-20, 2014

This will be the 9th Competition sponsored by the Portrait Society of Canada and will be an on-line competition. It is open to all Canadian visual artists and to all those interested in the art of portrait in Canada.   As the only professional on- line Competition in Fine Art Portraiture in Canada this will be a unique opportunity to encourage public recognition on the specialty subject of the Portrait in Contemporary Canadian art.


2014   Best Portrait                  $ 1000 00 CAD          
 Peoples Choice Award 2014       $ 500.00 CAD    

Artists are invited to submit digital images of their work(s). Jurying will be conducted by a selection committee appointed by the Portrait Society of Canada. There will be two rounds of judging. The Top Finalists’ works will be displayed on our Portrait Society web site from December 1 until December 20, 2014. Final judging will be made by independent Judges. Winners of the Best Portrait and Peoples’ Choice Award will be announced on December 20 at 12 noon. Final judging will be made by independent Judges. On-line voting for Peoples’ choice Award will be open through December 1-20,2014
       All submissions will be rated for composition, technique, application and overall vitality of the portrait.
 Cash Awards will be mailed to the winners on December 20, 2014.

                   All entries must be received by November 1, 2014                                 
Competition Timetable        
Deadline for submissions:   November 1, 2014    
Notification of Finalists   December 1, 2014    
 Exhibition of Finalists:    December 1-20, 2014    
Final Judging:   December 20, 2014    
Awards mail out:   December20, 2014    
International Jurors:   Michael John Angel, Florence, Italy    
    Djordje Prudnikoff, Beograd, Serbia    
    Gwenneth Barth, USA    
    Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan, Canada    
Click here to download the Registration Form .
  The Paleo Recipe Book

Pierre Legendre is a Quebec-based figurative oil painter who uses the alla prima, or wet-on-wet technique. Working directly with the model, he aims to complete a work in one sitting, painting from intuition. He tries to find the balance between physical and psychological resemblance and the aesthetics of the work. Understanding that this practice has its own history, he wishes to create a form of expression that is unique to him and that will find a place in the world someday. Click here to read more,

  Alexandra Conrad creates portraits that evoke emotions in the viewers. When creating portraits, she prefers focusing on the individual’s overall physical and emotional gesture rather than photographic representation. Paying close attention to facial expression and body language, Alexandra sees these gestural elements as part of the “soul of that person” in that moment. Click here to read more,    
  Canadian born artist, Jean Miller Harding, divides her time between her studios in Toronto and the south of France. She is a contemporary romantic realist using classical techniques while adding little impressionistic passages for interest. But her key point is verity of anatomy having been a medical illustrator before becoming a portrait artist. Click here to read more,    

J.A. Fligel has sculpted ever since he remembers, and it’s been natural for him to pursue this interest. In 1989, J.A. Fligel received a B.A. Honors Degree in Fine Art in the United Kingdom. After graduation, he worked in the art department of Upper Springlands, helping adults with special needs. From 1992, he exhibited, traveled and worked with interior designers all over the world. Some of his work found permanent homes in locations as different as Perth, Scotland, and The Awapuni Hotel in New Zealand. Click here to read more,

  “Work hard, play hard”. That is Jacqueline’s, our Executive Assistant here at Portrait Society, motto that she swears by. Clearly, she has held the first end of the quote. Graduating with Honours a full year earlier than her anticipated graduation date, she is ambitious as well as charmingly witty. With a major in Art History and a double minor in French and Economics, she brings a mixture of skills and abilities to the table. She guides the Artist’s Studio Interviews and acts as one of the editors for Portrait Atelier on top of everything else that she does here with us. As for the “play hard” part, she says, “Don’t worry. Morocco will be here soon enough.”
  Impressionism: Catching a Fleeting Moment. . Impressionism was a continuation of the Realist’s concerns and was definitely an art of its time. Realism as style derived from the time of Industrialization that happened in the late nineteenth century. Industrialization was the epoch of urbanization that gave re-birth to a faith in science, brought forward the Survival of the Fittest theory by Charles Darwin, and produced Karl Marx’s concept of class struggle. Click here to read more,    

Canadian-based portrait artist Marjorie Morton, now currently living in Sicily, heads frequently to museums and galleries to draw inspiration. "Last week I was in Florence and my niece and I decided to take her ten-year-old daughter to the Accademia to see David" Click here to read more,

  Consignment Agreements between Artist and Gallery by Jean HardingClick here to read more,      
  This summer will be an exciting one to say the least for avid art museum and gallery goers. Listed below are a view of the on-going exhibitions at major art museums and galleries around Canada. The link to access the website is also provided.Click here to read more,      
  The Paleo Recipe Book