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Ella Frazer

I gravitated toward the ancient technique of egg tempera because of the results achieved when multiple layers of transparent pigment intensify hue and produce a very special luminosity and glow. It is also ideal for the exacting nature of realism. However, the medium is only one of the many elements I consider when creating a painting. Allusion, symbolism, music, and homage are intertwined in many of my works, along with the influence of many great artists throughout history. My paintings are unscripted in order to capture the elusive quality of my subjects as they are caught in their immediate environment in a fleeting moment in time. Capturing the atmospheric quality and feelings of tranquility and peacefulness of a sleeping child or a quiet moment between father and son after a lake storm are challenges that far exceed representational depiction. All of these elements play an important role as each painting gradually evolves, adding dimensions beyond the aesthetic quality of the painted surface.

I was born and educated in Scotland where art instruction and appreciation started at the early age of four and continued through high school. Studio art instruction at this time focused mainly on the basics of still life, and later, life drawing and painting, using watercolor medium and graphite, as well as instruction in color theory. Following her college years, she relocated to New York Cityand spent the next five years traveling and visiting the wealth of museums and galleries in the major cities of North America and Europe. It was during this time that she became interested in ancient art and architecture, specifically the painting techniques of the old masters, which became the catalyst for a return to formal art studies. After relocating to Ontario, she studied various painting mediums, including egg tempera, at Georgian College. The beautiful results of this ancient and challenging medium further inspired her to continue with studies in both fine art history and studio. She graduated from the University of Toronto with a B. A. in fine art.

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Gordon Grant Grant, Siesta
Egg Tempera Egg Tempera Egg Tempera
25" x 20" 17" x 23 " 16" x 20 "
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