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Nancy Le Giang


NLG - Nancy Le Giang is a self-taught artist. Her artistic interest began at the age of 6 where she began taking art lesson in an adult art class. She grew up in North Bay, Ontario and then moved to Toronto in 1990. She has been pursuing visual arts on her own throughout the years and began to paint with oil intensely on a daily basis since the 90's. Nancy works mainly with oil on canvas.

Nancy creates commissioned paintings for a number of people. But most of NLG's paintings have imagery inspired by everything from everyday life that can be further broken down into people to music to religion, scenery and landscapes. She tried to maintain the emotional elements in the preliminary sketches, and then transform the sketches onto canvas.

On Portrait and Figurative Painting:
The moods often flow from the imagination. Expressions pour out onto canvas that result in an impressive representations of feelings we've all experienced at some time, and mostly feelings we would like to experience over and over again. In both my portraiture and figurative paintings, I particularly like to find and exaggerate the interesting colors under the skin tones. I love to immortalize my subject this way.



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