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Joan Hopkins


After receiving a degree in Design and Illustration from Dawson College, Montreal, I worked for many years as an illustrator/graphic designer/art director. All the while I kept painting and drawing either from life or from photos that I had composed. I found a studio where artists shared the same interest in portraiture, and working from models we studied the human figure in order to paint or draw it in depth and detail. I went on to study art at Concordia University receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and drawing. During this period my professors included Marion Wagschal, David Elliott, Lee Plotek and John Fox. My work is an investigation of figurative painting

A portrait is more than a likeness captured on canvas, paper or film. It is a personal history, an individual story. It is an exterior and internal experience for both the artist and subject. I attempt to provide a private view, portrait like yet personal, a glimpse of who we are when we are alone, emotional, sensual, pensive, confident, introspective, uncertain.



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