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Jennifer Foster


In all my artistic endeavours, my goal is to create works that capture the beauty found in everyday life. I believe that we are surrounded by beauty everyday and that it is important to take the time to appreciate it. For that reason, my favourite subjects are the works of nature: people—captured in portraits and in figural work—and landscapes.

My portrait style blends realism with expressive techniques, in which the brushstrokes or pencil strokes clearly show the hand of the artist at work. Creating a portrait is an activity that requires great sensitivity. In my portraits, I consider an exact likeness to be essential; however, a portrait is much more than a likeness. It must also capture the spirit of the individual and convey something of his or her character. The best portraits, by masters such as John Singer Sargent, have a psychological component to them.

Although I enjoy working in both oil and watercolour, I also love drawing and feel that drawing media are sometimes undervalued. For me, working with a single piece of chalk or graphite focuses the artistic process and emphasizes the fundamentals of communicating through the use of line and tone. Working with a limited set of tools to draw from life has an immediacy and a sense of connection that is reflected in the final work.

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The Mariner The War Veteran Sunday Afternoon
Chalk on paper Chalk on paper Chalk on paper
13" x 20" 13" x 20" 13" x 20"
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