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Darlen Morris

I view nature with an eye on pattern and movement, light and shade, all in a balance with outer and inner meaning. My relationship with nature embodies all forms of nature, including the human form.

My portrait paintings integrate the background landscape into the essence of the person I am painting and also reflect the intimacy I have with the person. We become one.

Laura, in African Dream, Bill Illuminated, and Gary in Blue are portraiture studies which have been influenced by the environment, not as a backdrop, but as a subject unto itself.
The integration of the African landscape with the person Laura translates into a painting which has "outer and inner meaning" to both the viewer and the artist.

Bill Illuminated, reflects a background which also marries with the subject. The portrait of Bill captures his "illumination" of personality, creativity, and intelligence which the artist believes to be true.

Gary, with stunning blue eyes, is surrounded by various shades of blue. The colour blue dances inside his form and surrounds his body with a glowing light. Gary's intelligence, shining personality and intimate relationship with the artist, is revealed in this work.

My art informs my vision and my vision informs my art.

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Bill Illuminated Gary in Blue Laura - African Dreams
Acrylic Acrylic Oil
24" x 20" 42" x 36" 24" x 20"
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