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Marcy Silverberg

I started painting at the age of 12 ,but life got in the way for many years. Now I finally have the time to devote to my first passion. I am a graduate of University of Toronto, and Seneca School of Computer Illustration. I've dabbled in oils, acrylics, cartooning, and print I love Oriental Brush painting for the sense of relaxation that it provides with its intense discipline.
I taught oriental brush painting while living in the country and also taught cartooning to the public schools. The children gave me great satisfaction and afforded me the pleasure of learning to see through their eyes.
I love to paint people and animals and attempt to capture their essence and spirit in colour. Sometimes, I put in the colours that I see in them, and not what is actually there. Most subjects like the results.
I was raised in Toronto, and had the opportunity to live in Orilliafor a number of years, with my husband and 3 Siberian huskies that became part of our family. It was there that I had the opportunity to see colours in nature which elude us here in the city, and gave me a greater sense of appreciation for our vast country, and grandeur of shades and hues observed in the northern sky.

Some portraits have been donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Association of the past number of years for their galas, and hang in various homes throughout the area.

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