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Deborah A.A. Kerr


Deborah Anne Adeline Kerr has been an artist since early childhood. Born in Nova Scotia to a military family, their travels allowed an exposure to European art that sparked her talents and remains an influence on her work.
Debbie has lived in Glengarry for 20 years now, making it very much her home. Her love of her Celtic heritage shows in her paintings of its castles and cstlemen. Some paintings are done of the events of the famous local Glengarry Highland Games of Maxville Ontario. Born left-handed but trained to the right, she is interestingly ambidextrous with her paintbrush. Her spirited nature shows through in the warm rich colours that male her paintings so enchanting.
While there is a wide scope to her chosen subject matter, Debbie's passion clearly remains portrait art. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America for five years, and has also joined the Portrait Society of Canada of which she is Top Finalist, and her talent in this arena is evident.
Maxville's Glengarry Sports Hall of Fame is now home to some of her portraits of the past inductees for the last seven years. Bubbly and easygoing, she has a knack for drawing out the personalities that she then captures so effectively.

Artists' note
There is a moment in everyones life that experience a sense passion in one way or another. To follow and have the opportunity to feed into the passion it most rewarding. I found mine, and each person I had the pleasure to meet for a pose, leads that initial excitement and challenge of portraying them with a passion of their own into the painting.

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