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Tina Dolter

I came to portraiture and figure drawing so naturally, that for many years I downplayed its artistic significance. I had been doing portrait commissions for many years in graphite, charcoal, and pastel, and thought I needed to challenge myself more. When I was in my thirties, I decided to go back to university and study art in the form of a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree when my youngest child began school. I studied many different genres of art and many different disciplines of art making; printmaking, photography, sculpture, and painting. I strove to put portraiture behind me, and work towards more abstract and conceptual art making, taking on many varied subjects and many different stylistic techniques.
In my final year of study, Canadian artist Sheila Butler was a visiting artist to the Fine Arts Faculty of Grenfell Campus, MUN, where I was attending. I was fortunate to have her give me a private critique. After looking at all of my paintings, drawings, and portfolio of wide-ranging subjects, media, and styles, including a number of portrait and figure pieces, she confronted me by saying:
"Do you have any idea how many artists struggle to capture the human face and form, and here you seem do it so effortlessly. Why are you fighting against yourself? You have a gift, and you need to get back to it." Wow; I was amazed, chastened, validated, and humbled by her words, all at the same time.
I will always be exceedingly grateful to Sheila Butler for that validation. With her words, I gave myself permission to embrace what comes naturally to me with more passion than anything else I have tried. To capture the spirit and light of another human being is nothing short of magical. Over the last number of years, I have reawakened my love and devotion to this genre. It took this epiphany for me to celebrate and honour my natural abilities, but I do it now happily and gratefully every time I pick up a pencil or a brush, and look into the eyes of my subject and strive to capture their essence and reveal their soul.

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A caring heart stands apart Beauty and Strength Unmasked Essence of Elinor
Oil Oil Oil
35x45 26x35 32x42
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