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Debbie Miszaniec

As a relative of the Dutch master Rembrandt, I grew up, in Calgary Alberta Canada, studying the emotional and aesthetic depth of his portraits in books. The highlight of my first trip to London was coming face to face with Rembrandt's "Self Portrait with Two Circles" circa 1665. This lineage influenced me to become an artist, achieve a bachelor's degree in painting, and share my love of art through traditional oil and contemporary acrylic portrait painting.

I choose to share this passion because I believe that the creation of a portrait is a unique experience involving a partnership between artist and patron, in which a concept, a moment in time, a vision of ones values and story are defined on canvas through the formal properties of painting. Portraiture connects emotionally with the individuals who commission and collect. It is a unique legacy for loved ones whose lives are touched by their art. As a gift, a portrait painting is welcomed with happy tears.

A portrait painting created through personal interaction with a trained fine artist is one of few experiences that can enhance our environment, celebrate our love and achievements, and build a legacy for our children's children.

The legacy of portrait painting is a celebration of humanity and the finest that is within us. I am proud to carry on that tradition from my Calgary studio.

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