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A Heart You Can See. Robert Cowan. Charcoal and white pastel, 16x20. NFS. Burlington, ON   Audiendo. Sybiline. Oil on cotton pasted pane, 6x8.. Quebec, QC   Betsy and Princess Gagarina (after Jean-Louis Voille). Laara Cassells. Acrylic, 31x40. Sundre, AB   Boy in Green. Jinny Slyfield. Oil, 18x24.. Ottawa, ON
Callie. Laara Cassells. Acrylic, 24x18. Sundre, AB   Caribbean Girl. Alexandra Conrad. Oil, 11x14. Richmond Hill, ON   Carmen. Pierre Legendre. Oil, 16x12.. Vercherres, QC   Charles. Jinny Slyfield. Oil, 12x16. . Ottawa, ON
Chrysalis. Deborah Pearce. Oil. . Burlington, ON   Cowboy. Alexandra Conrad. Oil, 30x24. Richmond Hill, ON   Henry. Pierre Legendre. Oil, 20x20. Vercherres, QC   Jadson. Pierre Legendre. Oil, 16x12. Vercherres, QC
Jen and Maria Lopukhina (after Vladimir Lukich Borovikovski). Laara Cassells. Acrylic, 28.5x34. Sundre, AB   Lev at the window. Jinny Slyfield. Oil, 18x24. Ottawa, ON   Lizanne & Child. Deborah Pearce. Oil. Burlington, ON   Looking For Gold. Mark Oldershaw. Deborah Pearce. Acrylic and pastel, Burlington, ON
Marina and A Portrait of a Lady (after Julius Leblanc Stewart). Laara Cassells. Acrylic, 33x45. Sundre, AB   Michelle. Alexandra Conrad. Oil, 28x22. Richmond Hill, ON   Northern Neighbour. Cynthia Kemerer. Mixed media, 26x14. . Toronto, ON   Nude with pony tail. Jinny Slyfield. Oil, 26x30. Ottawa, ON
Pascale. Pierre Legendre. Oil, 20x20. Vercherres, QC   Sidney Crosby. Jeffrey Sprang. Watercolour, 20x28. Toronto, ON.   The Art Student. Deborah Pearce. Acrylic. Burlington, ON   The Model. Irene Antia. Oil and acrylic, 26x30. Thornhill, ON
The Poet. Cynthia Kemerer. Mixed media, 26x16. Toronto, ON   The Student. Irene Antia. Oil and acrylic, 24x24. Thornhill, ON   The Twins. Jean Miller Harding. Oil, 24x20. Richmond Hill, ON   The Writer. Cynthia Kemerer. Mixed media, 26x18. Toronto, ON
Wickenburg Cowboy. Melody Kozmeniuk. Clay sculpture. Saskatchewan   Girl with Dragon. Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan. Oil, 24x20. Toronto, ON   The Great Escape. Sandra MacGillivray. 36x48. Toronto, ON   The Passing. Sandra MacGillivray.24x20 . Toronto, ON
Pop. Sandra MacGillivray. 24x24. Toronto, ON   Southern Comfort. Sandra MacGillivray. 24x24. Toronto, ON        


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