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2015 Canadian Young Artist Portrait Competition.

The Young Artist Competition in fine art portraiture is an on-line competition and is open to all Canadian visual young artists between the ages of 8-18.

 "It is becoming increasingly difficult to choose the winners in both competitions. The quality of artwork is exceptional and I am so proud of all of the participants. I can't wait to see what they will achieve in the future. I am convinced that these young artists will continue the painting tradition and specially that of the portraiture and for that I thank them all. I hope to see more of their beautiful work next year! Congratulations!" Irena Korosec

“It was astounding to see such quality of work among the kid and youth portraits in the 2015 competition. Each year it becomes increasingly more difficult to choose winners when faced with such aptitude among the participating young artists. Good luck to all in their future endeavours"Jean Harding

"It is both a privilege and a curse to judge your artwork. A privilege because I get to see and experience your wonderful work; a curse because I have to choose the best work...in my opinion. Those are important words to remember. Stay true to yourself, keep painting and drawing and enjoy the ride! Congratulations to each and everyone of you!”Jane Kavanagh

“I am happy to see many amazing young artists ,who are passionate to fine art in our digital times. Harmony and greatness of your vision is absolutely unique. Keep creating your wonderful masterpieces and enjoy your artistic path. I believe that you have a very special gift, called talent”. Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan

Best Kids Portrait Award   Best Youth Portrait Award  
Valentina Donato. Sisters. Charcoal 14x9. 13 yo.ON   William Shen.Teacher TK Weng. acrylic on canvas .24x18.15 yo.BC  
Certificate of Excellence   Certificate of achievement  
Angela Feng Xiao Ya Wei. Portrait of my grandmother. pencil on paper. 14x17. 15 yo. BC   Cierra Yachen Liu. Grandma.acrylic 20x16.10yo.BC  
Certificate of merit
Carly Shuhan Hao. Father. acrylic 20x16.11yo.BC   Grace Lu .self portrait from the mirror. pencel. 18x14. 8yo.ON   Jasma Zhou.Self Portrait.oil on canvas 20x16.11yo.ON   Jessica Zhu. A differnt self.watercolor.20x15.13yo.BC   Shao Yuan ( Jefferey)Sang. Self Portait. pencil .20x16. 13yo.ON
Sherry Yang.Self Portrait.pencil.24x16.12yo.ON   Tammy Feng. Obscure. acrylic 20x15.13yo.BC   Alexandra Tarassova. Self Portrait.pencil on paper.11x17.14 yo.ON   Alison Sider. Beyond the looking glass.pencil. 20x16 .15 yo. ON   Emily Guan.Self Creation. mix media.20x15.14 yo.ON
Joanne Feng.Portrait of my mother.oil.28x22. 17 yo.ON   Samantha Lam. Self Portrait.oil on canvas .20x16. 15 yo.ON   Tingxue Yu.Self.acrylic.20x15.17 yo. ON        
Awesome Artist Certificate
Alice Marin. Portrait of a young man. pencil.13yo.ON   Angela Du. Angela Du. acrylic .11x9.13yo.ON   Carly Shuhan Hao. Father. acrylic 20x16.11yo.BC   Carly Shuhan Hao.myself.acrylic on canvas.20x16.11yo.BC   Carly Shuhan. Mother.acrylic 20x16.11yo.BC
Cierra Yachen Liu. Father.acrylic 20x16.10yo.BC   Tingxue Yu.Witness of a century. Color pencil .20x15.17 yo.ON   Cierra Yanchen Liu. Myself.acrylic.20x16.10yo.BC   Edward Wang. Mom.acrylic. 20x16.8 yo. BC   Elizabeth Jackson. Devotion. acrlylic.16x16.10 yo.ON
Grace Lu .self portrait from the mirror. pencel. 18x14. 8yo.ON   Ivy Deng .Ivy Deng 2.. acrylic. 14x11.13yo.ON   Ivy Deng. Ivy Deng 1. graphite.14x11.13yo.ON   Sherry Yang. Violet.pencil.17x14.12yo.ON   Jasma Zhou. Self-Portrait. oil on canvas. 14x18, 11yo.ON
Jeanne Polochansky. The Girl With Green Eyes.watercolor. 31x25.13 yo.ON   YaoYao Maclean. SelfPortrait.acrylic.14x11.13yo.ON   Jolie Ji. Self Portrait. oil on canvas .20x16.11yo.ON   Michelle Gao.My friend Mia.acrylic on canvas.24x18.13yo.BC   Noelle Yau. Best of Me.color pencil.11x8.11yo.BC
Noelle Yau. Silly Me.graphite pencil on paper.11x8.11yo.BC   Noelle Yau. Stylish.Gel Pen.11x8. 11yoBC   Noelle Yau.The other side of me. Watercolor.11x8.   Ryan Hong Yu Liang.My time line.acrylic on canvas.80x60.8yo.BC   Yingshan Zhang.Teenage dream.acrylic on canvas.15 yo.BC
Youth' portrait competition top finalists
Elaine Tao, Self Portrait, Pencil on paper, 9x12, 14 y.o., BC   Cindy Li, Self Portrait. The Infinite Me, Oil on canvas, 18x24, 14 yo.ON   Francesca Carandang. Self Portrait.graphite on paper.17x14.14 yo.ON   Grace Wang.My mom.acrylic.20x16.17yo.BC   Elaine Tao, Self Portrait 2, pencil on paper, 15x10.5, 14 y.o. BC
Mary Mao.Champagne on Cruise-my grandma.acrylic. 20x16. 16 yo.BC   Mary Mao.Grandpa's Smile.Acrylic. 20x16. 16 yo. BC   Qi Zhou Chen ( Sherry Chen).Forest Prince. brances superimposed on canvas.48x36.17yo.BC   Qi Zhou Chen ( Sherry Chen).Girl Dreaming Composition.acrylic on canvas with transparencies.27x19. 17 yo. BC   Qi Zhou Chen ( Sherry Chen).My Dear Life-loving Grandma.acrylic on canvas.28x22.17 yo.BC
Qi Zhou Chen9Sherry Chen)Hidden Buttoned-down Girl.buttons on canvas.20x16.17 yo.BC   Rachelle Yau.Self- depiction.pencil .11x8..15 yo.BC   William Shen.The Student(self portrait).acrylic on canvas.24x20.15 yo.BC   Tingxue Yu.Can't stop judging.pencil.24x19.17 yo.ON    
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