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2020 Young Artist Portrait Competition

"Fellow draftsmen and painters! You are so lucky! You have discovered the world of ART, a world of supreme happiness and also extreme frustration. We paint, we draw always searching for that perfect colour only you can see, that line that says it all. We paint because we have something to say. Portraits are the most challenging to do. We want to get the likeness down but there is so much more. We want to get inside the person, show their innermost thoughts and feelings. It is not an easy task. And, in any painting or drawing, there will be a reflection of you, how you, and only you, see the subject. Oh itís complicated...and wonderful...and magical... Congratulations to each and every one of you. I canít wait to see your portraits next year! Happy happy drawing and painting. " - Jane Arnot Kavanagh. Canadian Portrait Artist

Portraiture is the most challenging style of Fine arts. I am happy to see such a great works of Canadian Young artists. Keep learn, create and grow with art. Enjoy your creation power and life on a beautiful planet called eARTh! - Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan. Canadian Portrait Artist
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