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2022 Young Artist Portrait Competition

Another year is behind us and a new collection of art from our young artists is here to impress us with the promise of some future great artists. We can already see your immense potential and we are all so proud of you. In expectation of your new artistic endeavours we congratulate you again and encourage you to continue! - Irena Korosec. Canadian Portrait Artist

Congratulations! You have all created a piece of art, in the most difficult genre, a portrait. Keep drawing and painting! I applaud you for your efforts and hope to see you next year! - Jane Arnot Kavanagh. Canadian Portrait Artist

Congratulation to all artists! Your portraits are great. Create, enjoy and share your art with the world. You have a big future . - Veronica Kvassetskaia Tsyglan. Canadian Portrait Artist
Best Kids Portrait Award   Best Youth Portrait Award
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Certificate of Merit
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Certificate of Achievement
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Awesome artist certificate
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