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J. A. Fligel

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J. A. Fligel, B.A. Honours, P.S.C, S.C.A.

Born in Scotland in 1966 to a family of artists. J. A. Fligel’s father, Leonard Fligel is an accomplished painter and retired art professor in the U.K. was born in Montreal and studied under Arthur Lismer (Group of Seven). His mother Anne Rowan is also a recognized artist and dedicated peace and human rights activist. J.A. Fligel has sculpted ever since he remembers, and it’s been natural for him to pursue this interest.

In 1989, J.A. Fligel received a B.A. Honors Degree in Fine Art in the United Kingdom. After graduation, he worked in the art department of Upper Springlands, helping adults with special needs. 

From 1992, he exhibited, traveled and worked with interior designers all over the world. Some of his work found permanent homes in locations as different as Perth, Scotland, and The Awapuni Hotel in New Zealand.
Subsequently, J.A. Fligel worked on many theatre and film productions in Australia and Canada.  These included The Lion King, The Nut Cracker, The Phantom Of The Opera, Rag Time, Sunset Boulevard, Tommy, Famous Peoples Players, Swan Lake and many more productions.

His travel experiences influenced his work. J.A. Fligel’s career started with abstract sculpture, however, through his travels he was inspired by the human expression and gravitated toward figurative sculpture.
J.A. Fligel settled in Canada in 2001, where he works presently.  He was honored to have participated at the 2009 Florence Biennale, Italy, representing Canada.  Resent sculptures include Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

J.A. Fligel encourages people to recognize the essence of humanity and the power of the human spirit, aiming to express a wide variety of human feelings, to show the delicacy and beauty of life, as well as demonstrating the diversity and equality between peop

Commissioning a Portrait
I like to sit down with the client when possible to discuss the commission. It helps to meet the individual(s) I will be sculpting to better understand their air and character. I will take photographs for the reference material at this time. When distance or time is a challenge, a preliminary telephone conference will be conducted. Alternate arrangements will be made for photographs or film of the subject to be sent.
50% of the cost is paid up front, before the start of the sculpture. An official work order will outline the fees, subject, size, composition and material to be used. As soon as the figure is created, an initial viewing will be arranged. The customer at this stage will sign for accepting the work and authorizing it to be cast into its final material.
Upon receipt of full payment, the sculpture will be presented with an autographed document giving ownership over to the client. Copyright remains with J. A. Fligel
Completion time: Basic portrait sculptures: Please allow 3-6 months for sculpting time and bronze foundry production.
Fees: Price will vary based on size, material, composition and intricacy of work. Composition for full figure and group sculptures, animals, conceptual, stylized or abstract work can also be commissioned and will be individually priced.