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The Portrait Society of Canada is a public organization, dedicated to fostering the practice, techniques and aesthetics of

Fine Art Portraiture and Sculpture through public education.

2011 Canadian Portrait Competition
"The Miracle of the Portrait"
Best Portrait Award Winner
People’s Choice Award Winner
Irena Korosec
Marina Dieul
Woman in Kimono. Oil. 24x20.
Bacchante. Oil. 32x32.
Certificate of Merit
  Katie Li.   Albert Slark.   Bob Cowan.    
  Quintus. Charcoal. 20x15.   Mr. Ernie Fisher. Oil. 36X30.   The Singer.Charcoal pastel.25x19.    
  Josef Sy.   Sheila Allan.        
  Tex - pastel. 18.5 x 26.5   Man on Pender Island. Oil. 20x16.        
1. Albert Slark.   2. Albert Slark.   3. Albert Slark.   4. Ann-Elise Stidham.
Mr. Ernie Fisher. Oil. 36X30.   Ms Melissa Wilmot. Oil. 20x16.   The Philosopher. Oil. 15x15.   Salopette. Oil. 10x8.
5. Anouk Jonker.   6. Birte Hella.   7. Bita Motamedi.   8. Bob Cowan.
HaveFaithInMe. Oil. 48x36.   Going Down the Road. Oil. 18x18.   Sweet Smile. Colour Pencil. 30x21.   The Singer.Charcoal pastel.25x19.
9. Cynnthia Kemerer.   10. Cynnthia Kemerer.   11. Cynnthia Kemerer.   12. Deborah Pearce.
Looking Over. Mix media .24x20.   Concern.Mix media.24x20.   Winged Person. Mix media.24x20.   Oldershaw.Beijing 2008. Acrylic.28x28.
13. Elaine Grossinger.   14. Evelin Choi.   15.Florance Tsai.   16.G. Jesse Gledhill.
Maxou. Acrylic on canvas.24x20.   Lady Yuan.   The Artist's Reception. Oil on canvas.20x16.   Straw Hat. Acrylic on linen.36x28.
17. Guo Yue Dou.   18.Guo Yue Dou.   19.Irena Korosec.   20.Jamie MacDonald.
Musician-Igor Babic. Pastel. 20x28.   Timid. Charcoal. 18x15.   Woman in Kimono. Oil. 24x20.   The Instructor (Portrait of Jimmy). Oil.40x30.
21. Jamie MacDonald.   22. Jane Kavanagh.   23. Jane Kavanagh.   24. Jean Miller Harding.
Warrior (Portrait of Frank).Oil.48x36.   .   .   Jennifer. Oil on canvas. 20x16.
25. Jean Miller Harding.   26. Jerzy Szechynski.   27. Josef Sy.   28. Josef Sy.
Poalo. Oil on canvas. 28x18   Red Rose. Oil on canvas. 20x16.   Silverpoint .Tex Lecor . 9.5 x 11.   Tex - pastel. 18.5 x 26.5
29. Judith Elsasser.   30. Judith Elsasser.   31. Judith Elsasser.   32. Julie Himel.
Ali - Cooling down. Oil. 26x26.   Georgina. Oil. 18x24.   John Smits, The Galt Farmer's Marke. Oil. 24x18.   Bob Reimer. Oil on canvas.20x20.
33. Karine Thibodeau.   34. Karine Thibodeau.   35. Katherine Mc Nenly.   36. Katie Li.
Fourth Birthday. Acrylic. 16x20.   The Writer. Acrylic. 28x22.   Lollipop girl. Maggie. Oil. 14x12.   Quintus. Charcoal. 20x15.
37. Kendall Ayoub-Nichols.       39 Louisa Lau.   40. Maggee Day.
Susan. Oil. 30x24.       Contemplation.Oil. 18x14.   Berber. Acrylic. 35x28.
41. Manuel Matas.   42. Manuel Matas.   43 Manuel Matas.   44. Manuel Matas.
HurricaneIrene. Pastel. 25.5x19.5.   Lonely boy. Mix media. 10x8.   Poor Amy. Colour pencil.10x8.   Raw seal heart. Acrylic. 20x16.
45. Marc St-Jean.   46. Marina Dieul.   47. Lisa O'Regan.   48. Melody Kozmeniuk.
Vichky. Pencil. 18x18.   Bacchante. Oil. 32x32.   Mellow Yellow. Acrylic. 30x24   Cowgirl.
49. Melody Kozmeniuk.   50. Melody Kozmeniuk.   51. Momcilo Simic.   52. Momcilo Simic.
Song.   Wind Song.   Denise. Oil. 36x28.   Masa. Oil. 26x20.
53. Morag Webster.   54. Irena Korosec.   55. Norman Choo.   56. Melody Kozmeniuk
Aaron with Knikers. Oil. 24x30.   Moses. Oil. 16x20.   Raffi. Carbon on Paper. 13X17.   Rancher.
57. Requell Weisbrod.   58. Rick Jacobson.   59.Ruth Baker.   60. Sally Chupick.
Inner Tube.oil. 20 x 16.   I saw my father.   Heather. Oil. 18x14.   Claudia's Compassion. Oil. 12x12.
61. Sara Golish.   62. Sheila Allan.   63. Sheila Allan.   64. Steven Rosati.
Liana. Oil. 60x30.   Harry Hoshowsky. Oil. 25x21.   Man on Pender Island. Oil. 20x16.   The Young Leader. Oil. 36x24.
65. Suzanne Gorrie.   66. Sybiline.   67. Linda LeGrice.   68. Linda LeGrice.
Omer and Estelle.   The Yellow Portrait.   Black Bart.   Pride without Prejudice
69. Wei Yan.   70. Wei Yan.   71.Wei Yan.   72. Wei Yan.
The Winners. Pastel. 22x28.   Best Friend. Pastel. 16x20.   Honeymooner. Pastel. 11x14.   Fiona. Pastel. 16x20.