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The Portrait Society of Canada is a public organization, dedicated to fostering the practice, techniques and aesthetics of

Fine Art Portraiture and Sculpture through public education.

  The Art of Canadian Portraiture offers the public a unique opportunity to view the variety in style and range of member portraitists, whose approach, execution, and finished work, although extremely varied, exemplify a shared dedication to capture likeness and spirit of the sitter. A blend of classical, traditional, and modern, the nature of these portraits, in their entirety, is a worthy reflection of the very rich tapestry of Contemporary Canadian visual cultures generally, and of course the art of portraiture itself.
  Exhibitors are:
James MacDougall, Judith Elsasser, Jonathan Fligel, Tadeusz Biernot, Sally Chupick, Jennifer Foster, Ilona Biernot, Kendall Ayoub, Jamie MacDonald, Da Rong Dong, Momcilo Somic, Sybiline, Irena Antia, Louisa Lau, Deborah Pearce, Steven Rosati, Cynthia Kemerer, Suzanne Gorrie, Jean Harding, Albert Slark, Birte Hella,Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan.
  Veronica Kvassetskaia-Tsyglan, president of the Portrait Society of Canada, points out that this exhibition celebrates the master skills of dedicated professional visual artists in Canada. There will be over 40 portraits on display.