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Penelope Graydon

I am a portrait artist creating Traditional Fine Art Portraiture with a medium called sauce (saw-oose). This is an old medium used by the Russian portrait artist Ivan Kramskoy, 1837-1887. He created two of the most beloved portraits in Russia, Christ in the Wilderness and Portrait of an Unknown Woman.

Sauce is similar to charcoal, conte and pastel but has qualities which are uniquely its own making it a wonderful medium to create with. It is available in black, white and a few colors, which add to its versatility.

Margaret Carter Baumgaertner, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, internationally respected artist, teacher and writer, brought sauce to America and unlocked the key to using it, thereby reviving this fascinating medium.

I continually work toward a greater knowledge of drawing and painting and strive to be an artist of merit.

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Young Solder The Way it was - 1890 The Way it was - 1948
Sauce Sauce & Pastel Sauce
14.5 " x 16.5" 14" x 18" 13" x 18.5"
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