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Morris Piccone


I was born in Italy in 1950, started drawing at a young age. I left my native land in 1968 and came to Canada. I continued drawing at George Brown College in the mechanical Field, a far different field from Fine Art. Even though I was working in the Mechanical Field, I kept up my studies in Drawing and Oil Painting of the human figure and landscape. My passion has always been painting and drawing the human figure as portrayed by the Old Masters. Over time I have worked on improving my craft and have studied with well known artists at institutions such as: ?Novak Art Academy?, ?John Michelangel school?, and with artists such as Albert Chiarandini. I have also attended many workshops; most recently the Portrait society of Canada workshop with aartist Juan Martinez, in December of 2005.

Through drawing, I developed an understanding of proportion, shape, and placement. It is the exercise of drawing that has helped me to develop the required coordination to paint what I see.

The perception of the human form and the process of translating it into artwork is what inspires me to paint. Drawing, painting, and Observing the subject carefully has more to do with developing one?s own style and understanding than it does with remembering recommended step-by-step procedures.



Katie Cold String Day Givlietta
Oil on canvas Oil on Board Pencil
16" x 20" 16" x 20" 14" x 18"
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