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Debra Kahle O'Connor

After a long search for the forms that speak most profoundly to me as an artist, I have discovered my creative spirit in printmaking and portraiture. Why? Each is a powerful and enduring story-telling medium. Prints and portraits are anything but silent; they tell their stories simply, clearly and evocatively through memorable visual language.

All of my prints are hand-pulled, limited editions; they are unique results of subtle changes in hand pressure, intensity, or nuances of colour.

All of my portraits are hand-drawn and unique in their reflection and characterization of people captured in timeless moments of life.

My primary aspiration as an artist is to remove the distraction of "self' in the creation of artworks, thereby allowing every image the opportunity to tell its own story, engaging both creator and recipient in the journey of discovery. These stories hold a perennial fascination for me and my fondest hope is that you will also experience their resonance.

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Christopher Baby DJ
Coloured pencil Coloured pencil Coloured pencil
8" x 10" 8" x 10" 8" x 10"
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