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Marie Montiel

To communicate what touches me, disgusts me or inspires me, I chose to paint. Like my masters of the classical era, I adhere to the idea that a good knowledge of the craftsmanship allows the expression of all my fantasies.

For me, cogitating and painting are indissociable.
The pictorial work is the vehicle by which I aspire to deliver the messages, ideas, and feelings that are so dear to me.
Whatever theme I am dealing with in my artistic work, the human face and body will be omnipresent because their landscapes, their strengths and their fragilities move me deeply.
My work can be seen at the Gallery Bohemiarte in Old Montreal.

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Barzoi I et II Renard coquin I et II Yeux de chat I et II
huile huile sur toile huile
14x11 14x11 14x11
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