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Carlo Cosentino


The role of the artist is to express their own personal truth. There is a ratio between the level of honesty with which a person works and the effect it has on the audience.

Art can be the beacon of the soul or the shadow of the fear of the creative person .

Every artist should express what is unique to their own beings.
As an artist I have the responsibility to share the emotional impact of all that I experience in life so that others might find a piece of themselves.

To trigger that response I use an explore light to it`s limit.

Everything I do with paint is for one purpose and one purpose only. To create atmosphere
Atmosphere set the tone for a painting and is largely governed by the use of light.
Understanding light has always been important to me , it is the foundation of my work.

The artist must look into himself and his subject, seeking to understand the relationship between the colors that create the mood, going beyond what the eye or camera sees.

I turn to everyday life for artistic motivation, altering my approach according to my sense of the quality of the whole whether joyous or somber.

A career based on emotional expression is by far the hardest endeavour that I have
tackled but it as opened my eyes and my  soul to life.

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