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Dong Da Rong


After graduated from China Fine Art Academy in 1966, Da Rong Dong worked as an art editor for a major Chinese newspaper - Zhejiang Daily. As a professional artist, his printmaking have been displayed on numerous national and international exhibitions. In 1983, He attended Pratt Institute in New York City to continue study printmaking and held his first solo exhibition in 1987. Since early 1980's, Da Rong became a professional portrait artist. He traveled to many parts of the world and portrayed tens of thousands of people around the globe. His extraordinary ability of capturing light and shadow cast on the object made his portrait super realistic and dead-on accurate. He believes a truly well done portrait should not only demonstrate the likeness of object, more importantly, it should capture the inner spirit and true character of the model.



Man with Cigar Young Man Michael Jordan
Charcoal Charcoal Pastel
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