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Wei Yan


After I graduated from Fine art department in Beijing capital normal university , I was fascinated in doing portrait paintings more than landscape or still life paintings since it’s more challenge to me.
I’m enjoying portraiture art because it creates both beauty and timelessness. I always trying to capture the spirit and uniqueness of my subjects which is evident in a painted face and figure. I’d like to pursuit  the highest level in portraiture art that showing the soul of my client. I’m happy when my clients thrilled to see their face in the painting.
Some of my clients always thank me to  paint them more beautiful than they really are. I told them that everybody is beautiful in my eyes because everyone has his or her own special  uniqueness. I’m very anxious to capture those through the character’s eyes, facial expressions showing everyone’s personality and temperament. Before I start to paint them I try to understand them a bit,  everybody affected by their growing environment, family, upbringing ,educational background and other factors. These understandings give me lots of help to describe them.
French sculptor Auguste Rodin once said : There are beautiful things everywhere, but for our eyes, this world is never a shortage of beauty, but the lack of discovery.
I’ll keep the passion to look for opportunities to edit what’s I observed from each lovely face, I know it’s infinite.

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