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Bita Motamedi


Our eyes apprehend mathematics.

At the beginning of my design, I reach to certain proportions and divisions that in fact are a kind of gesture and aimed at having the maximum perceptual influence on the spectator. This starts the creation of “concept-image (CI)”.
In fact, each subject will transform to a CI that a picture ?as a physical reflection of the nature where the object turns into dimensions activating a process that creates the relationship between abstract thought and the perception or conception (in other words, the mathematical form relates to visual and perceptual form).
In this art effect, conceptualization equals with creating a balance between technical processes and the subject. It may be argued that these technical processes are related to the conceptual coordinates of different parts of the nature or picture. With transfer of these technical processes to conceptual coordinates ( in other words this concept that each portion of the nature has its own conceptual coordinates) and during transformation of CI, if perceptual coordinates in the “painting” approach to those perceptual coordinates of the nature, the process of “ idea creation” is reconstructed. Then, our mind with the help of CI can discover ideas that are inherently different. Using the dimensional system of a two dimensional painting can be entered into which at the same time will have a physical connection to the two-dimensional and numeral potential of the image. This will be used to understand ideas that one cannot discover with merely with pure mathematics, lingual means or traditional images. Therefore, the physical source in my painting is a motivation for the experience of nature (and this is the concept of distance between object and subject that reveals itself by becoming “picture-like”). Then, the interference between “object” and “subject” takes place when the spectator observes the numeral system of the image. At this time, the superposition of perceptual coordinate points in the painting form new ideas that both artist and observer will discover.
Here, the final image (CI) plays an outstanding role and in fact, is a kind of mediation between two-dimensional framework of the page and the ideas that in my opinion exist in realty and artist’s job is only to discover them.
Therefore, by keeping this two dimensional painting as an activator for the process of discovery of idea or conceptualization, we can ?generate a proper imitation of linguistic, logical and emotional operators in the image so that finally I will enter into a process of “finding ideas“. So,” CI” enables me to apprehend various ideas and present it in any other type of media and give birth to new styles.



A glimpse at mom's life In Zoo Self-portrait
Oil Colored pencil
on watercolor paper
Colored pencil & pencil
on watercolor paper
24x16 16.5x11.5 10x11.25
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