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Penny Bois

Penny was born in1962, and grew up in Beaver Lake, Northeastern Ontario. At the age of 16 began an interest in sketching and painting. She placed her art aside to pursue a nursing diploma in 1983. After a 36-year career in nursing, she retired. In 2016 her love of art was re-ignited and began sketching and painting with no formal training. Her preferred mediums are charcoal, pastel and oil. Penny’s interests lie in portraits. She is fascinated with the mood and spirit of her subjects and recreates this on canvas. She has sold many commissioned portraits as well as her own creative pieces.
2016 La Cloche Art Show enters her first piece: pencil sketch.
2017 La Cloche Art Show second prize: charcoal. “Honorable Mention: charcoal”
2018 La Cloche Art Show first prize: pastel
2018 One Skye Art Gallery displays Penny’s art and is invited as a featured artist.
2019 La Cloche Art Show “Honorable Mention: pastel”
2022 “Featured Artist” La Cloche Art Show
2020 – 2023 Continues to experiment with various mediums
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