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Rati Vajpeyi

Largely self taught , my formal training in the Atelier Tradition was late in life .
Though I mainly work in the Traditional Realist method of the Old Masters , I also paint in the Alla Prima and the Impressionist way . I prefer to paint from a live model , if time permits .


As a  former Clinical Oncologist , I have experienced  many  situations and emotions in people which has influenced me to look  beyond  bones , muscles and skin, and seek that essence in a face which speaks to us without words .
I strive to emulate this quality in my artwork.
My paintings have been commissioned  from the US, Australia , Korea , India and Canada .
Every painting is an exercise in improving on my previous work . The learning will never end . 

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Oil on Linen Oil on canvas Oil on Linen
16x20 16x20 18x24
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