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Daniel Murrell

I draw realistic portraits working with pencil and colored pencil on toned paper mainly however, I also do other mediums as well in order to challenge myself to work outside of my comfort zone.
Humans, and even more importantly our faces, can say so much through facial expressions and body language. I enjoy being able to create art that captures the message and emotions that person was trying to convey in that moment. I find drawing landscapes and things of that nature lacks the emotion needed for me to care about the piece.
Bringing a portrait to life by slowly fleshing out the details and adding the elements that make that person who they are is the most fun part about being a portrait artist

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Hulkamainia Singer Kissy Face
Pencil/White Colored Pencil on grey toned paper White Colored Pencil, Conte on Black Paper Colored Pencils
9x12 18x24 18x24
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