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Jiaxuan Yi

Emotion is the essential thing in my work. It is an intense drive that motivates me to search for, understand and express humanity. Most of my works are inspired by my everyday experience which may often be little trifles or incidents, but a fleeting impression from life can develop into a deep emotion.

As a visual artist, form is the first and foremost element for me. Thus, I endeavor to express the Absent (emotion) through the Present (visual form). My representational work probably has more in common with Wild Cursive Chinese calligraphy than might at first appear. When I work, I often start in a haphazard way, then distort some space and shapes, apply brushwork, splash colors and oil, and so on. Thus, I rebuff the idea that my works are merely a faithful rendering of particular scenes. In my pursuit of emotions, the visual forms have become emancipated from the canvas and gained a life of their own.

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Transcendence Why Long-lost Grandson
Oil on canvas Oil on canvas Oil on canvas
58x30 30x58 47x30
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