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Jean Marie Bowcott

I love painting portraits? I love to capture on canvas the essence of the person. What else to say? certain people have an inspirational aura that makes me want to work and create.

?I am a multi-disciplined artist, a sculptor, a textile and jewellery designer, and illustrator. As a Museum Specialist, I have created many products and collections for special exhibits at Royal Ontario Museum , Musee des Beaux Arts Montreal etc. I have also worked with textile Mills in the U.S.A. and illustrated Definitive Books on Bedouin Customs Costumes and Jewellery. My first love however is portraiture and I am now thoroughly enjoying this discipline. It brings me great joy.

?My basic philosophy is to work hard and do a good job at whatever life presents. To create something of beauty reflects my attitude towards the world and its people. Good fortune has allowed much travel in my life and permitted living abroad for 41/2 years; something I have found beneficial in understanding other cultures of our world.



Yemeni Man 1 Jennifer Robin Sheelagh
Acrylic Acrylic Pastel
24" x 24" 36"x36" 18" x 22 "
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