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Sandra Nicholl


I have been painting in oils for about 35 years and I am self-taught. Unknown to me at the time, my early fumblings were a very crude form of renaissance technique. When the odd TV programme on renaissance painting methods appeared I realised these were the methods I was using naturally. It seemed so logical to go about it in this manner.

I now use recipes centuries old and have amalgamated these with my own techniques and ideas, resulting in a style that is unique to me. Velaturas, translucent veils of colours that permit diffused light to come through are superimposed over each other in my paintings, accompanied by Sfumato, smoke-like edges that create ?air? around the subject, producing an elusive ?glow? and then, the ?wow? factor. For me these are the ?Holy Grail?: difficult to capture but well worth the blood sweat and tears, sacrificed in the quest.

Painting to me is about breaking boundaries, pushing the medium as far as I can. I don?t profess to know everything and I never will but it is a joy trying. Time stands still while I paint and I experience a sensation of exhilaration, the merging of my painting with me ? we are one. It is difficult to explain; I suppose the nearest experience is giving birth.



DES My story Charlie
Oil Oil Oil
40" x 30" 16"x20"
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